Favourite cardigans

Sometimes you find a favourite cardigan – like your best friend, like a warm hug on a cold day. It lifts you and cheers you up every time you wear it. Not too tight, not too loose, warm and comfortable, you never want to take it off.

This is mine: I am talking about my Rowan Pure Cashmere DK “Fawn” by Kim Hargreaves (Raspberry cropped cardigan in Ravelry).


It is perhaps rather unfortunate that this beautiful yarn has been discontinued. Although it was sold as “double knit”, it’s knitted on smaller than the usual 4mm needles, and it even looks and feels finer.

I have been lucky enough to find the last remaining source – “Laughing Hens” online shop, and have ordered some to make Kim Hargreaves “Alexi”. She states that she cannot recommend an alternative yarn. Seasons knitters might say that any DK can be used on a DK pattern. Normally I would argue the same, however on this occasion I would agree with Kim. Rowan’s Cashsoft DK and Cashsoft 4-ply (also recently discontinued) are just 10% cashmere, and do not have the spring and bounce of the pure cashmere yarn.

Whilst Rowan Pure Cashmere DK is rather expensive (to say the least!), I’d rather have one cardigan knitted in it than three or four in a regular priced yarn – but then that’s what makes it a favourite!

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